Single School Performance Profile

School Performance Comparison Notes for Screen Readers

These instructions are for using a screen reading program to understand the data from the graphs comparing schools. After checking the boxes for the schools to be compared, the order of the rating for each school will be in the order of the check boxes for each school was chosen. Continually press the "Down Arrow" key after the heading level 2 with the name of the first school is reached: “school.”

You will notice the following. First, you will hear the overall grade for the schools selected. Next, you will hear the subject areas to be compared. Next you will hear the rating scale that will sound like “graphic 0, graphic 25, graphic 50 etc. Finally, you will reach a table that contains the score for each school in the order chosen when the boxes were checked followed by the subject area that was scored.

School Grade
School Grade
School Grade
1400 UNITED ST STE 110
KEY WEST, FL 33040
(305) 293-1400
141 Total Students
Percentage of Students Scoring Satisfactory or Higher on All Assessments 60%
Percentage of Classes Taught by Teachers in Field 100.0%
Percentage of Core Academic Classes Taught by Teachers in Field 100.0%

Overall School Achievement

Explaining this Graph

Florida’s public schools test students in grades 3 through 12. Each test is based specifically on the standards for the grade level and the subject area. You can see these standards here.

These graphs show the performance of the school you selected. Schools in districts are rewarded for the number of students scoring satisfactory and above.

Satisfactory is ok. However, students scoring at mastery and proficient levels are best prepared for the next grade level and will be most prepared for college and career when they graduate from high school. We encourage all students to aim for mastery!

Academic Performance Trend: Proficient and Mastery

Explaining this Graph

This graph displays a recent trend of students achieving at the Proficient and Mastery levels in this school. 

These are the highest levels of student success in Florida and represent progress toward college and career readiness upon high school graduation.

We commend all the students who are improving and who have achieved proficient and mastery levels!

Please note Social Studies performance data is not available for elementary schools. 

Academic Performance Trend: Satisfactory, Proficient and Mastery

Explaining this Graph

This graph also shows the recent trend for this school. However, this graph displays the percentage of students at the SatisfactoryProficient and Mastery levels, which are the levels considered “passing.”

Academic Performance Trend: Learning Gains

Explaining this Graph

The Learning Gains calculation is a great indicator of the quality of the educational experience at a school.

For each subject (English language arts and math), the graph shows the percentage of students who earned a learning gain in the years displayed.

A “learning gain” is a year or more of academic progress in the subject area. Learning gains based on current assessments were not calculated prior to 2015-16.  

Data Notes

  • Information represents the most recent and finalized data available to the Florida Department of Education as of 8/16/2017.
  • School contact information, website address, and location reflect information from the Master School Identification (MSID) file.
  • All performance data represent a disaggregation of School Grades components.
  • Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding.
  • To protect the privacy of individual students, data are not reported when the total number of students in a group is fewer than 10.

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