McKay Scholarship Program

The John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program allows parents of students with disabilities to choose the best academic environment for their children.

This program provides eligible students a scholarship to attend a participating private school or the option to transfer to another public school. 

Who is eligible to receive a McKay Scholarship?

The parent of a student with a disability may request and receive a McKay scholarship if:

  • The student spent the prior year in public school or received specialized instructional services under the Voluntary Prekindergarten education program during the previous year; and
  • The student has an IEP or a 504 accommodation plan.

For a full list of eligibility requirements, please visit:  

When is the deadline for students filing an intent to participate?

There is no deadline for students to apply, although an intent to participate must be filed 60 days prior to the next payment date to be eligible for the payment. 

Payment Dates 

  • September 1
  • November 1
  • February 1
  • April 1 

How do I apply for the McKay Scholarship Program?

After reviewing the eligibility requirements,  if you would like to begin the Student Intent process, please complete the online application form located on the FDOE website at

Where can I find out more about the McKay Scholarship Program?

For more information about the McKay Scholarships for Students With Disabilities Program, such as frequently asked questions, eligibility and parent resources, visit the FDOE website at