African American male and Hispanic female at graduation

Life after High School Graduation: Next Steps

More of Florida’s high school students are graduating than ever before as Florida’s high school graduation rate climbed to a record 80.7 percent for the 2015-2016 year. After graduation, countless options are available for students to pursue higher education or to prepare for entering the workforce.

If your student is among the graduating high school class, you are probably thinking what’s next? More so than ever before, suitable post-secondary options are available for everyone. On a positive note, most of the fastest-growing jobs require less than a four-year college degree.

Here are a few options for you to assist a high school graduate with next steps to continue his or her education and prepare for the workforce:

  1. Help your student identify strengths including favorite subjects as well as courses where your student is most successful.
  2. Learn about majors offered by a local college using Find My College Major.
  3. Assist your son or daughter in connecting with someone who works in the careers of interest.
  4. Explore options for college and career programs on our higher education page.
  5. Encourage your son or daughter to visit Florida Shines and develop a career or higher education plan.
  6. Visit college campuses and technical centers to learn more about the environment and to determine the best fit for your son or daughter.
  7. Look for the most economically feasible option for your goals. Options include your community college, your public technical center, an apprenticeship and more.
  8. Assist your student with applying for financial aid which is available for both college and career programs. Explore your options here.