questions at ask at teacher conference

Great Questions for Your Parent-Teacher Conference

A good partnership between you and your children’s teachers will go a long way to helping them achieve their full potential. The first parent-teacher conference of the year is a good place to build that partnership. Here are some questions and topics to get the most out of this conference.

  1. What is your teaching philosophy? 
  2. What can I do to best assist my child toward success in your class? 
  3. What are your current learning objectives for the class, and how can we work together to achieve those objectives? 
  4. Do you have any overarching themes or goals beyond content for your students? 
  5. Is my child keeping up with the pace of the class?
  6. What can I do at home to help/support my child in the classroom?
  7. Is my child socially interacting appropriately?
  8. Is my child able to stay focused during class?
  9. Does my child have friends at school? Does he or she play well with others?
  10. How much homework do you assign and is it assigned on a regular basis (like Monday through Thursday) or on an as-needed basis?
  11. Are there extra credit opportunities in your class?
  12. What resources are available outside of class and how can I access them?
  13. Does your course have a state End-of-Course exam and if so, how does it impact my child’s final grade?
  14. If your child is an exceptional education student receiving accommodations:  As you implement these accommodations, are these accommodations working or do they need to be modified or altered?
  15. How does my child respond to difficult tasks?
  16. How does my child work with peers?
  17. How does the quality of my child's work compare to his ability?
  18. How well does my child manage his time?
  19. What is the best way to contact you?
  20. When should we meet again to review my child’s progress?