touring a new school

10 Things to Notice When Touring a Potential School for Your Child

Based on United States Department of Education resources these are the top ten things to look for when touring a school.

  1. Communication of high expectations both verbally and in writing by the school’s administration and staff.
  2. Engaged students that are actively involved in learning. Look for evidence of classrooms being busier than hallways.
  3. Great teachers who engage families as partners in learning, express high expectations for all students, and are knowledgeable in their subject areas.
  4. Great principal who also engages families as learning partners and expresses high expectations for all students, and who supports and maintains knowledgeable staff.
  5. Vibrant parent-teacher organization that supports the school’s administration and staff and that actively encourages all parents to become involved.  
  6. Children are neither invisible nor scared to be at school.
  7. Gut reaction that this is the school for your child.
  8. Rigorous curriculum is in place for every child. It should be evident that academics are the priority.
  9. Families like yours are welcome, and their concerns are acknowledged. A respectful environment is key.
  10. You are satisfied with the school’s results on standardized tests and school report cards.