10 Things to do the Summer Before College

Graduating from high school is an exciting and momentous occasion. Everything you’ve done in school thus far has prepared you for this moment. There’s a lot to do before you start school in the fall, so we’ve put together a short checklist to help you start your new journey.

  • Get organized – Now would be a great time to sort through your old life before you start your new one. Maintaining a clean and organized space in college will not only help you maneuver through life a lot easier, but you’ll be less stressed.
  • Practice time and money management – College is a lot different from high school in the sense that your parents aren’t going to be there to keep an eye on your every move. It’s now up to you to take care of things on your own. Come up with a daily schedule for class, studying and socializing with friends. Practicing time management now will help you balance everything life has to offer. It’s also smart to pick up some money management skills as well. Going to college doesn’t come with an endless supply of cash, so creating a monthly budget and sticking to it will ensure ramen noodles don’t become an every night meal.

  • Sign up for AND attend orientation ­– Attending college orientation is a must-do before you start classes. It gives you an opportunity to meet new people, explore the campus and ask any questions you still have. Orientation can fill up quick so it’s best to sign up early to ensure you get a spot.

  • Register for classes – This is usually done during orientation, but if your school allows you to do it on your own, you’ll want to as soon as possible. Classes fill up fast and to make sure you stay on track for graduation, you need to make sure you snag the right courses.

  • Buy your textbooks – Once you know what classes are on your schedule, it’s a good idea to get ahead and purchase your textbooks. College professors use textbooks for just about anything and it’s a great tool to have for studying. Just like classes, books fly off the shelf quickly so it is highly recommended that you get them before it’s too late. Also keep in mind that once the semester is over, you can try selling certain textbooks back to the bookstore for some extra cash at the end of the semester.

  • Create a résumé – If you didn’t already create one before graduating high school, now is a good time to do it. Your résumé not only tells a lot about what you’ve done, but also who you are. You may not have much to put on it right now, but that will change by the time you graduate. Remember to keep your résumé current and include any high school clubs, volunteer work and odd jobs you have already worked. Also remember to list at least three reliable references such as one of your high school teachers or the parent of the children you were babysitting.

  • Connect with your new roommates – Wouldn’t you like to meet the people you’re about to spend the next six months living with? Connecting with your roomies over the summer gives you a head start on building a great relationship. Find out what common interests you share and what pet peeves you may have. Establishing a foundation before school starts gives you more time to focus on your studies when classes begin.

  • Get familiar with the new town – If you’re staying in your hometown for college, great! If not, a new setting can be overwhelming. Take some time now to explore your new home with your parents. This is a great time to scope out the campus and find the best study spots. This is also a good opportunity to find the local hospitals, police stations and fire departments. You never know when you will need them, so it’s best to be prepared in case of an emergency.

  • Spend time with family – Leaving for college is not only hard for you, but also for the loved ones around you. You may have younger siblings who don’t quite understand why you’ll be gone for so long. This is also a very emotional time for your parents because you are officially “leaving the nest.” The summer before leaving for college is the best time to make those final family memories before you hit the books. Take this time to visit one Florida’s terrific state parks or beautiful beaches.

The most important tip of all is, enjoy! College is an exciting time in your life that you will remember forever. Make the most out of the next four years! Congratulations, grad!


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