Florida Students Achieve

Florida’s students and Florida’s schools have risen to more rigorous expectations.

Even with higher degrees of academic challenge, more and more students are achieving. That’s great news for Florida families. Still, there is opportunity for improvement.

Florida Students Achieve is dedicated to helping our state’s families, our communities and our schools strive for and reach ever-increasing educational goals. Here you will find resources to help you choose the best schools for your children and to understand what students should be learning. This will help you work with your child’s teachers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Florida African American Students Succeed in AP

Florida is a national leader in Advanced Placement (AP) participation and course success.

Florida Students Pushing National Leaders in Science

Sometimes it really is rocket science, and when it is, Florida students are increasingly ready for the challenge. Recent national assessment results in science show improvement for Florida students in the two grade levels tested. Besides overall state improvement, the results show Florida’s Hispanic and African American students are both improving and closing the achievement gap with white students.

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Florida Students Achieve

Jerkins’ Family Favorites, Part 4

As Christmas approaches and we put together our menu for the Jerkins family dinner, I can’t help but think of dessert. Our family loves dessert and it is always the hardest part of the menu to choose. This year, we’ve decided on Hummingbird Cake. I am thrilled to share this recipe with you because it was one of my grandfather’s favorites that we have been cooking for almost 40 years. Plus, it offers many great opportunities to incorporate children into the preparation!

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Scholarship application with money in the upper left hand corner.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship: What You Should Know

The Florida Financial Aid Application is different from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submitting a Florida Financial Aid Application will only apply to Florida State Scholarship and Grant programs available at your institution. Visit www.fafsa.ed.gov to learn more information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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Basic bell curve for standard deviation

Nothing so Fuzzy about Florida Math Standards

Florida adopted its new mathematics statewide standards in 2014. Of all the content area standards, none have captured parental attention like the new mathematics standards. Math is one of those subjects where we as parents feel like we should be able to help our kids. Working together to solve a problem seems like a worthwhile family activity.

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